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How does Bidkartz work?

You start your journey on Bidkartz by registering yourself on the site. 20 bids are credited to your account with the registration. It takes you to the world of most unique and desirable products. After registering there are two options:

  1. You can either browse through our wide range of products and purchase the same at upto 20% less price.
  2. This is the most exciting part of Bidkartz. You can visit the auctions category of our product and browse through some of the most valuable products in the arena. To participate in the auction, you need to place bid using the credited bids. There is a maximum interval beyond which you cannot place bids. An expiry date and time is mentioned alongside the product. One with the highest bid value at the end of the auction time will be the winner. Winner gets a chance to win the product at discount of up to 85% along with freebies. The winner has to pay the auction price along with shipping fees to collect the product and to register themselves in the list of winners on Bidkartz.

So, What are you waiting for ? Hurry and register yourself to commence your journey on this wonderful portal.

Happy Bidding !