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About Us

Welcome to Bidkartz, the first of its kind online auction cum ecommerce platform. Founded by experienced professionals from reputed MNCs and operating out of the Silicon Valley of India, Bidkartz aims at disrupting the online shopping arena by giving shoppers an opportunity to buy unique products at desired prices. We strive at providing a break from the recent trends of tideous and monotonous shopping trends. On Bidkartz you can expect:

  • Upto 80% savings on anything you buy
  • Most unique and rare products
  • Thrilling auctions that will keep you at the edge

Our product range consists of rare artefacts, handicrafts, art forms, memorabilia and every product on the earth that is difficult to find. We wish to make our customers happy by providing them priced possession at the minimum possible price.

Our key differentiator is the tie ups with the celebrity and who`s who of the society which enables us to bring fans closer to their idols. We procure priced possessions of the renowned names in Indian and International market and serves as a platform to get these rare belongings to the one who deserves them.

Online Auction Rules

Account policy

Each user may have or maintain control over only one account per person, no exceptions! Each household may only have or maintain control over a maximum of two accounts.

Winning limits

To ensure equal chances for everyone, you may win the same item only once per week. All remaining BidBuddies on other auctions for the same item will be automatically cancelled at the time of your win. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind. Winning a regular auction does not restrict bidding in One-Per-User auctions of the same product.

Use of third party bidding software

The use of any kind of external bidding software is strictly forbidden. Bidkartz will under its discretion void auction wins and shut down accounts caught using such tools to bid on the website.


So that people do not become confused or upset your username may not be obscene or misleading ("Bidkartz admin", "Auction closed"..) or chosen with the clear purpose of imposing an existing user.

Employees and their immediate family members

Bidkartz employees and their family members (defined as parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in Bidkartz auctions.soon as possible, bids will not be reimbursed to other bidders involved in auctions where team play has taken place. To ensure that accounts engaging in team play are shut down as fast as possible, Bidkartz encourages bidders to report any suspected team players to the customer service team.